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*Customer Service - The Complete 14 Module Program

*Customer Service - The Complete 14 Module Program Online Training Course
This Customer Service online training program provides the tools needed to be a successful service leader and achieve quality service in your organization. This Quality Service Management program will give you a deeper understanding of the components of quality service. Take these building blocks and assemble them into a foundation upon which you will establish yourself as a successful service leader.
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Customers and Their Decisions

Customers and Their Decisions Online Training Course
This Customers and Their Decisions online training course will explain the concept of internal and external customers, highlight the importance of treating relationships within your organization as provider/customer relationships, and detail the importance of adding a personal touch to your relationships with your customers. This course will demonstrate what motivates your customers and co-workers, which will, in turn, enhance your relationships with them.
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Effective Communication

Effective Communication Online Training Course
In this Effective Communication online training course, you will learn how developing the technique of effective communication will help you focus more on the needs of your co-workers and customers. This course introduces the concept of active listening and details its importance, discusses the steps required to identify customer needs, determines the difference between closed and open-ended questions, and highlights how to remain focused on the customer.
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Effective Telephone Techniques

Effective Telephone Techniques Online Training Course
In this Effective Telephone Techniques online training course, you will learn how developing effective telephone techniques will help in building relationships with your customers, thus ensuring their loyalty. This course will reinforce the importance of making a positive first impression over the phone, present proper telephone communication techniques, and instruct students on overcoming barriers to positive telephone communication.
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Employing the Strategy of Speed

Employing the Strategy of Speed Online Training Course
This Employing the Strategy of Speed online training course explains SPEED, the SPEED mindset, the barriers to SPEED, and the SPEED technique. The purpose of this course is to assist you in understanding the SPEED method, help you realize the importance of completing tasks with a SPEED mindset, and guide you in applying SPEED to your work environment.
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Empowerment Online Training Course
In this Empowerment online training course, you will develop the ability to take responsibility and exercise authority in making fast decisions. This course will assist you in understanding how empowerment leads to better customer service, improve your decision making skills and identify how to create a culture of empowerment in your workplace.
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Exceeding Customer Expectations

Exceeding Customer Expectations Online Training Course
This Exceeding Customer Expectations online training course will help you better understand the mind of the customer and gain an appreciation for being part of a team that provides outstanding customer service. This course will explain the process that determines customer expectations, describes how to exceed those expectations, and inspire the student to enhance his or her skill set and realize the benefits of exceeding customer expectations.
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Feedback Online Training Course
This Feedback online training course will help you appreciate the importance of maintaining open, honest relationships with your colleagues and supervisors and the power of recognizing their efforts. This course will explore how to define the concept of feedback, determine the benefits of feedback, discuss the importance of being open and honest in the workplace, describe the various types of feedback, and illustrate how to implement feedback.
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Handling Complaints and Service Recovery

Handling Complaints and Service Recovery Online Training Course
This Handling Complaints and Service Recovery online training course will explore the techniques and the tools you will need to handle complaints and irate customers. This course will present the techniques of service recovery, how to deal with problem situations, and understand how to transform a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.
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Quality of Work

Quality of Work Online Training Course
This Quality of Work online training course demonstrates new ways to raise the bar for yourself, thus displaying your commitment to providing quality service and doing more for your employer and your customers. This course defines what value means to your customers, explains the importance of commitment to quality, and instructs how to look for opportunities to do more and set yourself apart.
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Quality Service Definition

Quality Service Definition Online Training Course
In this Quality Service Definition online training course you will be introduced to the concept of quality service. The purpose of this course is to define quality service, explain the principles of quality service, instruct on how to build a culture of quality service, and identify how customer perception is influenced by the level of service provided.
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Service Attitude and Mindset

Service Attitude and Mindset Online Training Course
In this Service Attitude and Mindset online training course, you will learn how to develop an exceptional service attitude and build the foundation for outstanding customer service. In this course, we will explain how to investigate and recognize the customer’s mindset, illustrate how your mindset and attitude affect the customer service you deliver, and describe how to integrate positive service attitude and mindset into work performance.
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Team Building

Team Building Online Training Course
In this Team Building online training course, you will learn how teamwork will help you deliver superior customer service. Define the concept of teamwork as it relates to a business environment, discuss teamwork as it applies to your organization, determine the conditions needed in order for teamwork to flourish, and review the benefits of teamwork.
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The Language of Positive Communication

The Language of Positive Communication Online Training Course
This Language of Positive Communication online training course shows how positive communication will help you feel better about yourself and make your interactions with colleagues and customers beneficial for all. This course defines positive communication, illustrates how positive communication affects workplace relations and customer service, and identifies aspects of negative communication and how to avoid them.
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Understanding Customer Interaction

Understanding Customer Interaction Online Training Course
This Understanding Customer Interaction online training course will help you be prepared to handle just about any customer service situation you encounter and how to put your customers at ease by providing exceptional service. This course explores the concepts of service points and flash points and the learning model of conscious competence.
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