*Customer Service - The Complete 14 Module Program

This Customer Service online training program provides the tools needed to be a successful service leader and achieve quality service in your organization. This Quality Service Management program will give you a deeper understanding of the components of quality service. Take these building blocks and assemble them into a foundation upon which you will establish yourself as a successful service leader.
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Conquer Your Anxiety

This Conquer Your Anxiety online training course is designed to reduce your anxiety. This course will help you better understand yourself, your mood, and the things that make your anxiety better or worse. This course explores techniques designed to change the way you feel about the world and think about yourself.

Customers and Their Decisions

This Customers and Their Decisions online training course will explain the concept of internal and external customers, highlight the importance of treating relationships within your organization as provider/customer relationships, and detail the importance of adding a personal touch to your relationships with your customers. This course will demonstrate what motivates your customers and co-workers, which will, in turn, enhance your relationships with them.
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