Health & Safety Training

Our health and safety training courses are designed for all employees, whether you’re in construction, working in a factory, or sitting behind a desk in an office. Online health and safety training courses will help with injury prevention and in creating a safer work environment for all employees. We offer online health and safety courses in accordance with the recommendations and best practices from OSHA and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards to promote employee safety and wellbeing at all times. From basic health and safety courses to accident investigation and workplace inspection, we have designed our courses in accordance with the acts and regulations of the authorities to ensure the safest and most comfortable work environment.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment Online Training Course
This Personal Protective Equipment online training course is designed for Employers, supervisors, and workers in the construction and general industry. More than one-quarter of all disabling injuries involve the head, eyes, hands, or feet. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is designed to protect you from those health and safety hazards that cannot practically be removed from your immediate work environment.
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Pipeline Construction Safety Overview

Pipeline Construction Safety Overview Online Training Course
This Pipeline Construction Safety Overview online training course is designed for workers involved in pipeline construction. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of everyone at the worksite, the steps in pipeline construction, the hazards of different types of pipeline construction work, and the ways to identify and minimize the associated risks.
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Preparación para el Coronavirus para Empleadores y Empleados

Preparación para el Coronavirus para Empleadores y Empleados Online Training Course
Los coronavirus son una gran familia de virus que pueden causar enfermedades en animales o humanos. En los seres humanos, se sabe que varios coronavirus causan infecciones respiratorias que van desde el resfriado común hasta enfermedades más graves. El coronavirus descubierto más recientemente causa la enfermedad del coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

Préparation à la grippe H1N1 à l'intention des employeurs

Préparation à la grippe H1N1 à l`intention des employeurs Online Training Course
Ce cours de formation en ligne Préparation à la grippe H1N1 à l’intention des employeurs a été conçu pour les gestionnaires et les employeurs. Ce cours fournira aux gestionnaires et aux employeurs des stratégies simples pour protéger leurs employés et gérer les risques de perturbation des activités pendant la saison de la grippe.
From $9.50

Préparation au Coronavirus à l'intention des employeurs et des employés

Préparation au Coronavirus à l`intention des employeurs et des employés Online Training Course
Les coronavirus forment une vaste famille de virus qui peuvent être pathogènes chez l’homme et chez l’animal. On sait que, chez l’être humain, plusieurs coronavirus peuvent entraîner des infections respiratoires dont les manifestations vont du simple rhume à des maladies plus graves. Le dernier coronavirus qui a été découvert est responsable de la maladie à coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Ce cours vous expliquera les étapes simples que vous pouvez suivre pour rester en bonne santé et prévenir la propagation du coronavirus.

Safe Driving [US]

Safe Driving [US] Online Training Course
This Safe Driving online training course is designed to assist drivers of all ages to understand many of the factors which can help ensure a safe driving experience in most circumstances. To help get your Safe Driving Program off to a great start, this course is primarily focused on skills you, the driver will need to become a successful and efficient driver.
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Safety Attitudes and Actions

Safety Attitudes and Actions Online Training Course
This Safety Attitudes and Actions online training course was designed for all employees. This course discusses how to develop safety awareness in the workplace and helps you understand how your attitude can be a critical factor in accident prevention. This course covers safety attitudes, safety audits, accident prevention, P.P.E., back care, working with electricity, mental alertness, and injury treatment.
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Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees

Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees Online Training Course
This Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees online training course will show you how exposure to bloodborne pathogens occurs so that you can help protect yourself and others. Exposure to bloodborne diseases is a serious concern in today's world. Because of this concern, in 1991 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) created a regulation dealing with bloodborne pathogens.
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Safety in Fire Prevention

Safety in Fire Prevention Online Training Course
This Safety in Fire Prevention online training course provides basic information on the precautions and procedures necessary for fire protection and safety in the workplace. This course will cover topics including fire prevention techniques, the types and classes of fires and fire extinguishers, and first aid procedures for dealing with fire-related injuries.
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Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls Online Training Course
This Slips, Trips and Falls online training course is designed for all employers, supervisors, and workers. In this course we will review guidelines for avoiding slip, trip and fall accidents. We will talk about what employers and employees can do to reduce the risk of accidents and look at how good housekeeping practices contribute to workplace safety.
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Young Worker Safety Orientation

Young Worker Safety Orientation Online Training Course
This Young Worker Safety Orientation online training course outlines what young workers need to know about health and safety legislation, the rights and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and workers as set out in occupational health and safety legislation, the types of workplace hazards young workers may encounter, and protective measures that should be taken to ensure everyone in a workplace is safe.
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Zika Awareness

Zika Awareness Online Training Course
Zika virus outbreaks are occurring in multiple countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, including the continental United States. This Zika Awareness online training course will provide you with basic information about Zika virus. This course will help you understand what causes Zika virus, how it is spread, symptoms, treatment, risk, and prevention and control.
From $14.50