Health & Safety

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In this course we will describe the different types of energy sources, explain the general rules of lockout/ tagout procedures and give you the basic knowledge required to correctly and effectively complete lockout/ tagout procedures.

Manual Material Handling and Back Safety

In this course we look at the anatomy of the back, injuries of the back and how to prevent them.

Mold Awareness US

In this module, we will discuss the serious workplace and health issue of mold.

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics takes a look at these demands, examines the work to be completed and the equipment and tools used, ensuring that each employee performs their job in the most effective and safe way possible.

Office Safety

Learn how to make the office a safe working environment.


This course presents the fundamentals of chemical safety and highlights the major elements of OSHA's Laboratory Standard.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Generic

Protect yourself from workplace injuries by using the correct PPE.

Safe Driving [US]

The Safe Driving program is designed to assist drivers of all ages to understand many of the factors which can help ensure a safe driving experience in most circumstances.

Safety Attitudes and Actions

This course looks at safety attitudes in the workplace and teaches you about safety audits.

Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Employees

This course will show you how exposure to bloodborne pathogens occurs so that you can help protect yourself and others.

Safety in Fire Prevention

This course provides basic information on the precautions and procedures necessary for fire protection and safety in the workplace. Topics covered include fire prevention techniques, the types and classes of fires and fire extinguishers, and first aid procedures for dealing with fire-related injuries.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries in the workplace.

Young Worker Safety Orientation

This module provides safety 'must do's' for all young workers. It also provides supervisory staff with their responsibilities.

Zika Awareness

What everyone should know about Zika.

Cannabis - Workplace Implications

This course discusses the implications of cannabis use on workplace safety and outlines essential elements of a workplace impairment policy.