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Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees

This online Coronavirus preparedness training course is continually updated as it an important health and safety topic. The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), which has never been seen before in humans. COVID 19 is a respiratory illness that spreads from person to person and the disease is now classified as a pandemic. This online COVID-19 training course will tell you about the necessary steps you can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus and disease. The information in this online Coronavirus training course is continually updated to ensure the most relevant and timely content for learners.

Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest

This Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Awareness online training course is designed for Employers and workers in construction and general industry where work at heights is performed. Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in construction and general industry. Fall prevention and fall protection measures can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death. This course describes the various fall prevention methods for working at heights.
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Harassment Prevention Training for Employees [California] (SB1343)

Harassment and discrimination are costly to organizations. Everyone is affected by the negative consequences of a workplace that allows harassing and discriminatory behavior.

Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors [California] (AB1825)

California law requires organizations with 50 or more employees to provide two hours of mandatory sexual harassment training for managers and supervisors.

Ladder Safety

This Ladder Safety online training course is designed for employees in the workplace or anyone using a ladder. Every year, a significant number of injuries are sustained from improper use of ladders, both at work and at home. In this course, we will review what you should know about safe use of ladders in the workplace. This course is designed to show safe measures when using ladders.
From $14.50